About Us

ISMART aims to provide you
the best possible phone repair service
from our Portsmouth shop.

If you need repairs to your smartphone, tablet, or device, we can help. Our team of experienced phone repair technicians is ready to get your phone operating the way it should. We pride ourselves on providing the best phone repair service in Portsmouth, and we also do it at the best price. Our service is hassle-free; merely walk-in, and we’ll provide you with a same-day phone repair service. ISMART specializes in smartphone repair and repairs to tablets, watches, laptops, and other electronic devices. We cover all brands, and our services include:

We Repair to Increase

Broken phones mean a hurdle in being productive. We repair your phone so that the businesses do not slow down.

Cracked Screen

A broken screen may not only harm your phone’s performance, but it doesn’t look terrific either. At ISMART, we can have your phone looking and functioning, as good as new, on the same day you bring it into our Portsmouth phone repair shop.

Water Damage

If your phone dropped in water or soaked some other way, do not despair. ISMART can have your water-damaged phone back to full working condition no time at all. So, before you go off and spend money on a new phone, give us a call or pop into our phone repair shop

Broken or Damaged Speakers

To appreciate your phone entirely, you will want to have a good quality audio experience. If your phone’s speakers are damaged or broken, then you are missing out. Your phone’s speakers can get damaged for various reasons

Signal Transmission and Reception

It is incredibly frustrating when your calls drop out or you can’t connect because of poor signal transmission or reception. If you experience this, it may be due to a damaged antenna or damaged battery.

Malfunctioned Keypad or Buttons

If you are concerned about the broken home button, back button, power button, volume button, switch apps button, of your smartphone, you should fix it as soon as possible.

Dead Battery

Are you continually having to charge your phone? Or, has your battery completely died? For either of these, it could be down to a couple of possibilities: 1) Your battery is damaged. 2)Your battery’s natural life has expired.

Don’t Let a Dam-
aged Phone Dam-
age Your Business

Your phone is an essential part of your business, and if it is
damaged, so too could your business. Restore your
productivity quickly with a speedy phone repair service in