Types Of Screen Protectors and What do They Mean for your Phone?

screen protector

You love your precious mobile phone, don’t you? And how it feels when you drop it off by mistake? The journey it covers from your hand to the floor is very scary, as you don’t know if your mobile phone will survive or not.

The problem in this scenario lies in the glass screens of mobile phones. We all know how vulnerable the glass is. And although mobile phone manufacturers are making more robust and stronger phones every day, the problem is still present.

Imagine this for a moment: how many of your tasks can get hindered by a simple broken screen? You cannot communicate, you cannot entertain yourself, and all your office tasks will go in vain. This situation can be very grave for you, and the only way of preventing it is using a screen protector.

Of course, you do not handle your mobile phone carelessly. But there are times when you can let go of your mobile phone. To avoid any of the above-mentioned situations, you can do a very simple task, and that is using a screen protector.

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How many types of Screen Protectors are there?

Screen protectors come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, every smartphone company provides its customers with a protector, specifically for that particular mobile phone.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

Tempered glass screen protectors are the perfect choice against impacts and scratches.

PET Plastic:

The polyethylene terephthalate plastic provides essential protection against everyday scratches.

TPU Plastic:

Thermoplastic Polyurethane protects against scratches only.

Multi-Layered Screen Protector:

These screen protectors have unmatched durability and can tolerate large amounts of shock, apart from these essential screen protectors. There are many guards and protectors that protect your phone and protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the mobile Screen. Some of these protectors are:

Ultra-Clear Screen Protectors:

These protectors are very transparent and therefore provide a sharp view of the Screen. They can be easily replaced as they come with non-adhesive silicone back. With an ultra-clear screen protector, you can protect your eye from rays which the Screen emits.

Anti-Glare Screen Protectors:

These screen protectors prevent your phone screen from becoming dirty, as they prevent finger screen coating. They are also scratch-resistant and prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your eyes.

Privacy Screen Protectors:

They are must-haves for the people who want to keep the information appearing on their phone’s Screen away from the prying eyes. If you have to perform several bank transactions in a crowded area daily, you can use privacy screen protectors. With them, nobody will be able to glance at your phone screen from any other angle.

Why should you Buy a Screen Protector?

If you haven’t bought any screen protectors yet, we will advise you to get one now. With these screen protectors, you will be able to protect the Screen of your vulnerable gadget from getting crashed. Since we have to spend long hours on these phone screens, these protectors are a great way of providing protection to the eyes.

Why are Phone Cases Important for your Phone?

As much as there is the importance of a screen protector for your phone’s Screen, having a rigid phone case is important too. The two most important tasks a phone case performs are

They provide protection to your phone’s exterior, as well as its interior.

 They maintain your phone’s sleek and new look so that it remains ever-new to the people.