Phone Battery Replacement

Phone Battery Replacement

PHONE BATTERY REPLACEMENT: HELPFUL OR NOT Whenever your phone or your battery either fails or its activity decreases, what will be your decision?  You will change your phone or decide to replace your battery. If fixing or buying a new phone is so hard for you, then it’s a good decision to replace your battery. … Read more

How to Extend Battery Life of Phone

extend battery life of phone

Nowadays, mobile phones are an essential part of our lives, and all we want is enough battery life for a day. Several factors drain our batteries and contribute to poor battery life. It’s a fact, the older the device, the less power, and strength it has. Also, there are two main factors on which our … Read more

Cell Phone: What’s Right Repairing or Replacing?

cell phone repair or replace

Have you ever suffered headaches from cellphone at crucial times? A cell broken or damaged can make a smooth life rude. Maybe the screen got cracked or it slipped from your pocket to meet the floor. Well the question is what to do now? Shall you opt for a new phone or get the phone … Read more

Avert Phone repairs with the magic Phone maintenance tips

Phone maintenance tips

Avoiding cell phone repairs or even costs to replace them can easily be cut with a little diligence and discipline in life routine. The optimized quality of these tech gadgets can easily be optimized with these tech maintenance tips. Consider applying some of these tips and enjoy for long with your cell phone. Invest to … Read more